Each patient is given a superhero menu when they are admitted.

 There are imaginative characters from across the galaxy to make sure all your patients feel like superheroes!

Super Sam

Planetary Avatar : You are able to control and summon the natural forces of any planet. The volcanoes of the Sun, the acid rain of Venus, the sands of Mars. They’re all yours to command!


Weather Control : Your powers give you access to the elements of the air, and control of  weather – from torrential rain and hurricanes to lightning and snow!

Warp Mask

Dimensional Gateways : Your powers give you the ability to create portals, opening doorways in reality to any location that you can clearly visualize – nowhere is off-limits to you!

Super Sally

Healing Hands : You have incredible healing powers, meaning you can treat even the most fatal injuries simply by touch!

Steel Master

Metal Armor : You have the power to transform your skin into a layer of organic metal armor, making you impervious to any damage!

Golden Tide

Aquatic Powers : You can breathe underwater, swim at incredible speeds, and communicate with undersea life!

The Guardian

Future Sense : You are able to see a few seconds into the future, giving you great luck and incredible reaction times when fighting evil!

Diamond Mask

Diamond Skin : You have the ability to transform your skin into a layer of diamond, making you almost indestructible!

Quick Shadow

Shadow Control : You can manipulate and control shadows, using them to hide yourself or even to move from one shadow to another!


Plant Control : You have the ability to communicate with and control plants, and even accelerate their growth or create new and bizarre cross-breeds!